The Library's collections consist of mainly books, magazines, journals, audio-visual materials, newspapers, encyclopedias and dictionaries. The collections are classified according to the Library of Congress Classification (LCC) system.

The main reference is divided into two sections, which is the Open Loan and Red Spot. The Library sunscribes to digital resources such as ProQuest, Zinio, Afterall and Yishu journal.

Open Loan

The Open Loan is a collection of library materials that can be checked out from the library by the student. The Open Loan collection consists of academic and general books in various subject areas related to our courses.

Red Spot

The Red Spot collection refers to reference books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, pop-up books and special collections. These are non-checkout items which can only be used within the library. Red Spot materials are labeled with a red sticker on the book spine.

Digital Resources

The One Academy library provides a wide range of digital resources such as e-books, e-magazines, e-journals and DVDs.


The Library has an extensive collection of DVDs and VCDs ranging from cinema greats to documentaries. A complete list of these videos can be found in the library system.

These videos cannot be taken out from the library and students must bring their own earphones/headphones.

Online Resources

How to Get Started

Learn more about ProQuest at

Afterall is a journal of contemporary art, providing a forum for in-depth analysis of art’s context and seeking to inspire artists to see art as an medium for change. Afterall’s academic format differentiates it from other popular review magazines.
*Sunway Exlusive

Learn more about Afterall at

The library has provided 3 stations for users to get access to Zinio. Each station contains 50 titles of magazines. Zinio digital stations are accessible only in the library.

A collection of the Library's digital resources which consists of e-books, e-journals, e-magazines, video recording and etc.

A national information hub, which is an implementation of Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia (PNM). The system creates a unique user experience to access the digital content.

  • Subject Heading Guide+
    • B - Philosophy, Motivation
    • D - History (In General), Southeast Asia, Malaysia Studies
    • G - Recreation, Social Life & Custom, Anthropology
    • H - Social Science
    • HC - Economics
    • HD - Branding
    • HF - Advertising, Marketing, Business
    • HM - Sociology, Cultural
    • M - Music, Musician
    • N1-N5300 - History of Arts, Postmodernism
    • N5400-N7340 - Artists, Art Exhibition
    • N7433-N9999 - Visual Art, Digital Art
    • NA1-NA1996 - Architecture (General), History & Architects
    • NA2542 - Sustainable Architecture, Green Architecture, Eco Architecture, Environmental Aspect
    • NA2700-NA2780 - Architecture Drawing, Architecture Rendering, Architecture Space
    • NA31 - Architecture (Dictionaries)
    • NA400-NA499 - Landscape Architecture
    • NA4100-NA4200 - Building Materials
    • NA6100-NA6900 - Public Buildings - Offices, Shopping Malls, Education Buildings, Museums, etc.
    • NA7100-NA7786 - Domestic Architecture, Houses, Dwellings (Houses, Apartments, Lofts, Residential, etc.)
    • NA7800-NA7900 - Hotels, Resorts, Clubhouses, Country Yards, Restaurants & Bars
    • NC1-NC1003 - Design in Portfolios / Logos / Corporate Identity / Trademarks
    • NC1300-NC1899 - Cartoons and Comic Drawing, Cartoon Films, Cartoon and Comic Characters
    • NC2-NC899 - Drawing, Anatomy, Figure Drawing, Perspective Drawing
    • NC900-NC999 - Illustration, Commercial Arts, Graphic Art
    • ND - Painting, Painting Techniques
    • NK1-NK1678 - Decorative Arts
    • NK1700-NK2195 - Interior Decoration
    • NK3600-NK9999 - Jewellery, Textiles, Woodwork
    • P - Mass Media, Communication, Semiotics
    • PE - English Language
    • PL - Language and Literature of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania
    • PN1-PN1551 - Literature (in General)
    • PN1560-3370 - Performing Arts, Drama, Movies, Films, Scriptwriting
    • PR/PS - English Literature, Novel, Fiction
    • PZ - Juvenile Literature
    • Q - Sciences, Cybernetics, Information Theory
    • QA - Mobile Computing, Multimedia, Video Games Design
    • T - Technology, Computer Graphics
    • TA/TJ - Engineering, Machinery, Robotics
    • TK - Website Design
    • TR1-TR850 - Photography Books, Photography Techniques
    • TR851-TR899 - Motion Pictures, Cinematography, Computer Animation
    • TS - Industrial Design, Packaging
    • TT1-TT599 - Fashion Design, Dressmaking, Pattern Design, Fashion Drawing
    • TT6-TT899 - Arts & Crafts, Handicrafts, Paper Crafts
    • Z - Typography, Layout, Book Design