Discussion Rooms

Discussion rooms are provided for group study and discussions only. The discussion room can be booked via student/staff portal.

Computer Area

Computers are available in the library for educational and research purposes. These computers are equipped with internet access.

Quiet Zone

The Quiet Zone is a designated area for quiet studying and individual learning.

Rest Zone

Students are welcome to use the Rest Zone to take a break from studying.

    Guidelines for using this space: -
  • One bean bag only per person
  • No shoes allowed
  • No snoring while taking nap
  • OPAC+
  • OPAC is an acronym for "online public access catalog". OPAC provides the bibliographic record of the library collection including book title, author, subject, call number, location and status to help users in identifying the materials on shelves.

    The shortcut is also available via the Student E-Portal and TOA website.

  • Scanning Facility+
  • The library provides scanning facilities to students should they need to scan images from any references.

    This service is free of charge.

    The Multi-Functional Canon Printers support scanning for A3 & A4 size documents only. Supported format output: JPEG, PDF & TIFF.

      Scanning Procedures:
    • Plug in your USB Flash Drive (Pendrive) into the Canon Printer;
    • Select "Scan & Store";
    • Select "Memory Media" & Select "Memory Media (A:)";
    • Select "Scan"
    • Select File Format: PDF, JPEG or TIFF;
    • Press the Green button or "START" button to start scanning;
    • After scanning, Press "Start Storing", all scanned documents will be saved in your USB Flash Drive;
    • To remove your USB Flash Drive properly, please select "Eject", press "Remove" & "OK".
  • Inter Library Loan+
    • Item Request

    • Borrower may request item for interlibrary loan by submitting the interlibrary loan form to The One Academy Library Counter.

      Loaning Items

    • A maximum of 10 items can be loaned.

      Loaning Period

    • Items can only be loaned for 7 days.
    • Loaned items can be renewed for another 7 days.
    • A due date will be assigned to the borrower.
    • If items are not returned according to the deadline given, items loaned will be considered overdue by The One Academy Library, and a penalty fee will be charged.
    • Only a one (1) time renewal of material is allowed

      Penalty Charges

    • Overdue fine charges are: RM0.50 per book and per day.
    • For lost, stolen or damaged goods, borrowers are required to pay the original price of the book or repair cost which is determined by the National Library, or borrowers will have their library deposit deducted.
    • You will not receive your diploma/degree certificate if there is an outstanding amount with The One Academy or National Library at the point of graduation.