Frequently Asked Questions

Where is The One Academy library located?

Bandar Sunway: Level 11

Penang: Ground floor main building

Am I allowed to bring food and drinks into the library?

No food and drinks (except plain water) are allowed in the library.

Can I print materials or make photocopies in the library?

Bandar Sunway: The library does not provide any photocopy/printing services. You may go to the stationary shop at Level 10 or seek printing services outside of The One Academy.

Penang: Yes, Library provided photocopy and printing services

Can alumni borrow books?

No, only students are allowed to borrow books.

I have lost my item in the library, how can I get it back?

Items found in the Library will be handed over to IOSC counter at Level 9.

How do I search for a book or item in the library?

You can search the book/ item using the library system (OPAC) at Username and password are the student's index no. and Office 365 password respectively

Can students bring bags into the library?

No, all bags including laptop bags are not allowed into the library.

How can I suggest a purchase for the Library?

The library only accepts suggestions from lecturers. If a student wants to make a suggestion, he/she may do so through their lecturers.

May I donate my books to the library?

Unfortunately, the library does not accept donated books.

How many books can I borrow?

Bandar Sunway: 4 books for diploma students and 6 books for degree students.

Penang: 2 books

How long can I borrow the books?

10 days, not including Sunday and public holiday.

How do I book the library discussion room?

You may book the library discussion room through Student Portal.